Pairing-Workshop "STREET FOOD of PARIS & SAKÉS"

Pairing-Workshop “STREET FOOD of PARIS & SAKÉS”



Saturday, October 5th, 2019 from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

This is one of the important trends of this year : the blast of street food ! Croques, Quiches, Sandwiches or Brioches … salty or sweet, classic or revisited, all are now, part of our everyday lives.
These delicacies that are sometimes eaten in a hurry, often requires as much know-how and ingenuity.
Through this workshop you will discover some amazing Parisian finds.

For the occasion two great representatives of this discipline will join us. Delphine Zampetti who prepares « the best » sandwiches of Paris. And Marion Goettlé, originally from Alsace who will bring with her a hazelnut brioche to die for !

35 persons

1 hour 


Participation :
be 18 y.o. or more
As the workshops will start on time, please arrive 10 minutes in advance.

All workshops will be held in French.

As the workshops have limited seatings, we strongly advise you to book your seat in advance on our web site


Delphine ZAMPETTI (Chef-owner – « CHEZ ALINE » Paris 11e Considered as one of the best sandwiches of Paris by many gastronomes, it’s nearly twenty different sandwiches that are prepared every day in this old butcher shop. Here, everything is done minute in front of the customers, with ultra-fresh ingredients. Opened in 2012, Delphine Zampetti delights since then, the appetites of the district and elsewhere. Will be attending the pairing workshop ”STREET FOOD of PARIS & SAKÉS”.  ), Gérard MARGEON (Executive Wine Director – Groupe Alain Ducasse His career Gérard Margeon is a quiet, discreet man, as much by personal inclination as by his rather frantic job which does not allow him much time to appear in public. He travels constantly from New York to Paris to London, while keeping in touch with what is happening in London or Mauritius. Juggling with wine lists that must all be exemplary and all different. And managing the careers of 23 different sommeliers – even more difficult when you realise that this is the one position where people move the most frequently from one restaurant to another. Eclectic training At the beginning of his career Gérard Margeon did not leave his native soil of Burgundy. Born in theHospices de Beaune in 1961, he attended the school of hotel management in Semur-en-Auxois, when its wine training courses were just beginning. He fulfilled his childhood dream of visiting the legendary wine estates of Burgundy. His first job was also in the locality – at the Hotel de la Cloche in Beaune. His interest in becoming a skiing instructor led him to take jobs in Savoy, Switzerland, Austria and the Italian Alps. His first big job was in Biarritz for the opening of the Hôtel Miramar. He ran the dining room there from 1982 to 1987. He had always used his different job locations to find out about the local vineyards and this was no exception as he made several trips to the wine-growing areas of Spain. In 1985 he spent some time at the château d’Artigny to gain additional experience not only in wine-growing but also in serving. A turning point in his life In 1987 he left the Basque country and took over the job of Head Sommelier at the Méridien Montparnasse hotel in Paris. He was a very busy man as, at the time, this was one of three hotels in France serving the largest number of meals, with enormous banquets, very active room service, a large brasserie and a gastronomic restaurant called the Montparnasse 25. This job also gave him the opportunity to travel widely and to get a feel for the restaurant scene world-wide. The most important moment in his life, without any doubt, was his meeting with Alain Ducasse, who telephoned him to offer him the Head Sommelier’s position at the Louis XV. Although he was working at the Méridien Montparnasse which was not one of the finest gastronomic restaurants, Gérard Margeon had the technical expertise to take on the position at the Louis XV. In 1992 he had been on Philippe Faure-Brac’s training team preparing for the “Mondial” competition. From the start he wanted to make changes to some sommellerie practices. He settled down successfully in Monaco, at the SBM, and then joined the team at 59 Poincaré. This was the point at which he began to create different wine lists for Hédiard or Moustiers-Sainte-Marie. He remained an active sommelier until September 2001, as well as overseeing the wine lists and managing the other sommeliers in the group. Gérard Margeon considers that “back room” sommellerie is just as important as what goes on in the actual dining rooms. Today Gérard manages 11,000 suppliers, contacts, etc. as well as attending a large number of wine tastings. And, as if he were not busy enough, he still finds time to take part as a speaker in ADF seminars and at the Centre de Formation d’Alain Ducasse. ), Sylvain HUET (Saké Samouraï, Saké Samouraï, Instructor, Consultant and Organiser of the Salon du Saké His passion for Japanese culture since his early childhood has pushed Sylvain Huet to study aikido, tea ceremony, calligraphy and, of course, sake for many years. Today, he is internationally recognized as an independent expert he received the “Sake Samurai” title in 2012. To keep helping producers and develop new opportunities for them, he launched the European Fair for Sake and Japanese Beverages in 2013 that has become, in a few years, a reference and the leading sake event outside Japan. ), Marion GOETTLÉ (Chef-owner – « Café Mirabelle » Paris 11e Originally from Alsace, Marion was quickly immerged in the catering business with her parents running a traditional alscacian restaurant not far from Strasbourg. Linzer torte, plum pie or kugelhopf have no secrets for her. After attending cooking classes in Strasbourg, she had the idea to ​​open place in Paris. A few months later, Café Mirabelle was born in the 11th arrondissement. For this workshop, she will make us discover her delicious «  puff pastry brioche with praline ».Will be attending the workshop “STREET FOOD of PARIS & SAKÉS ». )