Pairing-Workshop "UNAGI AS IN JAPAN & SAKÉS"

Pairing-Workshop “UNAGI (eel) AS IN JAPAN & SAKÉS”

35,00 - COMPLET


Saturday, October 5th, 2019 from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm

This workshop will make you discover one of the most popular dishes in Japan: eel called “unagi”!
How is it on earth possible not to like this fish ?
Well, we have an answer for you! It is impossible ! Specially when this eel is prepared with passion by Japanese cooks.
We have been lucky to prepare this workshop in association with the restaurant Nodaiwa, which is, without a doubt, European’s temple of this amazing dish.

But before reaching the final dish called “Kabayaki”, where the eel is grilled and then lacquered four times in a row. We will make you taste some other astonishing eel preparations.
For example, in a fine jelly “Nikogori”, but also rolled in an omelette “Dashimaki”, or fried and then marinated “Nanbanzuke”.

Will join for this occasion ÉRIC RYCKELYNCK, director of the Parisian restaurant with whom we will pair each of these different recipes with beautiful sakes.

35 persons

1 hour 


Participation :
be 18 y.o. or more
As the workshops will start on time, please arrive 10 minutes in advance.

All workshops will be held in French.

As the workshops have limited seatings, we strongly advise you to book your seat in advance on our web site


Christian MAZZALAI (Guitarist of the “Phoenix” band & Sake amateur The rock group « Phoenix » has been working for several years in close collaboration with the Japanese brewery Tatenokawa, to produce their sake “collection”, which profits are redistributed to the Japanese Red Cross. A charitable gesture that corresponds to a clear desire, by the group, in launching this range of sake. Member of « Phoenix », Christian Mazzalai, will tell us about the latest sake added to the collection, “Phoenix sparkling”. Will be attending the workshop « UNAGI comme au JAPON & SAKÉS » ), Sylvain HUET (Saké Samouraï, Saké Samouraï, Instructor, Consultant and Organiser of the Salon du Saké His passion for Japanese culture since his early childhood has pushed Sylvain Huet to study aikido, tea ceremony, calligraphy and, of course, sake for many years. Today, he is internationally recognized as an independent expert he received the “Sake Samurai” title in 2012. To keep helping producers and develop new opportunities for them, he launched the European Fair for Sake and Japanese Beverages in 2013 that has become, in a few years, a reference and the leading sake event outside Japan. ), Manuel DA MOTTA VEIGA (Sommelier, professeur et consultant en sommellerie Sommelier After his studies in oenology, Manuel da Motta Veiga started his career in the catering industry as a manager and a sommelier within the Blue Elephant (12 restaurants worldwide) and then within Chai 33 in Paris. Meanwhile he developed a passion for Saké and for Japan. After a life in the catering industry, he became teacher of sommellerie and the European ambassador for a famous brand of Saké. )