PAIRING WORKSHOP «Discover some exceptional pairings of caviar with the sake»

PAIRING WORKSHOP «Discover some exceptional pairings of caviar with the sake»



SATURDAY Octobre 2dn, 2021 from 2:30pm to 3pm

Special Workshop: Pairing Caviar and Sakes

You are invited to discover some exceptional pairings of caviar with the sake.

Subtle yet powerful, this exceptional dish is usually paired with vodka…But the subtleties and charms of the sake canbrilliantly replace the vodka, and whilestaying away from the traditionally Russiancustoms, let us discover or re discover the first-class sturgeon eggs.

Each of us is being provided with a small case of10 gram of this fabulous, if not legendary, delicacy, and we will try to find together the perfect pairing. Sure, a good measure of subjectivity is likely to affect the various ways to work out the pairing; at the same time, this is also the opportunity for each of us to compare and to select, among the three sakes that are being proposed, one’s ideal and unforgettable pairing!

This year, we are experimenting a new formula for our workshops, shorter, more playful. These workshops are expected to allow you to explore and to understand even more easily the full richness of the food and sake pairings by tasting several different sakes with the same dish. The subjective dimension of these pairings will certainly be present and rightly so and you will even be able to select the pairing (or pairings) that best matches (match) your own taste.

To take you along this unique tasting journey:
A Representative of the famous Kasnodar Caviar House will introduce you into the tasting of this exceptional and rare delicacy.
Sylvain Huet, first French Saké Samuraï, international expert for saké and organizer of salon du saké.

– 1 individual box of 10 gram of Baerii Malossol caviar from the Kasnodar House
– 3 exceptional bottles of sake from 3 Japanese regions to discover while pairing with the caviar.

– 30 minutes
The number of available seats is limited; advance reservation is required
– 50 Euros par seat





30 minutes


P.A.F. :

50 €

Participation : être âgé de 18 ans ou plus

Afin que l’atelier puisse commencer à l’heure, merci de vous présenter 10 minutes à l’avance.


Les ateliers se tiendront en français.