The “Salon du Saké” is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year! 23 April 2024 – Posted in: 2024 Press Release, News

“Salon du Saké 2024”, the European Fair for Sake and Japanese Beverages: Paris, September 28-30, 2024

The “Salon du Saké” is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year!

by Sylvain Huet, Founding-President & organizer of “Salon du Saké” :

For the past ten years, we have been proud to have been able to accompany and assist our exhibitors, partners and professional visitors in the promotion and development of their activities in the French and European markets.

If you have been exhibiting, your participation in the Salon of Sake over the years has greatly contributed to its success and we would like to extend to you our warmest thanks and gratitude.

And if you are interested in exhibiting but haven’t yet taken the plunge, now is the time!


10 years of Sake in France and in Europe: a real success story!

Remember what happened over 2013-2023: The market for sake was still in its infancy when the first “Salon du Saké” took place for the first time in Paris with already an initial European dimension. Over the subsequent years, the “Salon du Saké” European Fair for Sake and Japanese Beverages gradually became the most important event of its kind outside Japan, and reached a new high by last year’s 9th “Salon du Saké” at the New Cap Event in Paris, with a resounding success and record participation !

In 10 years only, exports of sake by Japan to Europe exploded, multiplying by 4.6 times in value. The growth was even more impressive in France, with the value multiplying by 6.6 times!

(in Yen terms between 2012-2022, according to the data from the Tax Ministry of Japan)

The “Salon du Saké” European Fair for Sake and Japanese Beverages, being both a witness and a promotor in this amazing transformation of the market, has made it possible for the general and professional public to discover and appreciate the sake, a very ancient-old Japanese beverage, in increasingly larger numbers of professional people in the sectors of beverages and gastronomy in France and in Europe, of individuals of the general public, and of lovers of sake.

The “Salon du Saké” has evolved and has expanded itself over the years, proposing ever more new opportunities to exhibitors to look for new customers, to promote and develop customer loyalty, to reconnect and renew contacts, and to meet new partners.

As to those who have not yet participated as exhibitors at the “Salon du Saké”, it is the right time to call on the Salon to promote your own reputation and position yourself on the French and broader European markets, to promote and “monetize” your own name and brand(s), and to showcase your products to the decision-makers in the market of sake and other Japanese beverages.

“Salon du Saké” 10th Anniversary: a milestone, with even more visibility, media exposure, and another, expected, record participation!