Conference and demonstration “Matcha Quiz and tea ceremony ENJA by Yoko Kinoshita”



DIMANCHE 2 octobre 2022 de 11H à 12h

“What is matcha?” In this seminar, you will learn some of the answers.
While answering 10 quiz questions, even beginners can deepen their understanding of the
benefits of matcha, its production process, and the tea ceremony.
In the second half, a Japanese instructor in kimono will show you how to use kaishi (tea
paper), turn a tea bowl, and drink matcha (powdered green tea) through a tea ceremony
demonstration at a table.

This conference will be held in English

Lecturer :


Biography :

Yoko Kinoshita ⚫ from Himeji (a historical town), Japan. ⚫ worked at IT domestic and international companies as an engineer for 13 years. ⚫ As a self-employed chef since 2007 in Switzerland, giving cooking classes to more than 4,000 people and providing catering services. ( ⚫ A Kimono YouTuber “Kimono Yoko in Switzerland” since 2015 ( ⚫ As a tea instructor of a tea ceremony group, “Tsubaki no kai,” offering workshops for companies and private customers in May 2022. (