Brock BENNETT 28 juin 2013 – Posted in: Intervenants 2013

Brock BennettOriginally from Canada, he brews Sake at Nøgne Ø Brewery in Grimstad, Norway with Head Brewer/Toji Kjetil Jikiun since 2010. Europe’s first Sake Brewer, Nøgne Ø is best known for it’s ground breaking, innovative Craft Beers but the brewery is aiming to make Nøgne Ø’s Sake, Hadaka Jima Yamahai Sake, a strong follow up to their iconic Ales. Brock has made three trips to Japan where he has worked as an intern with the support and instruction from Yasutaka Daimon the renowned Toji and Kuramoto at Daimon Brewery (aka Sakahan) in Japan’s Osaka Prefecture.