“Pairing workshops : the art of pairing Japanese Sake with French Cuisine ! “ 7 September 2018

The “Salon du Saké 2018” European Fair for Sake and Japanese Beverages in Paris is proud to present you its new program of “Pairing workshops” for this 5th Salon du Saké.

Live an incredible « foodie – saké » experience for the time of a 60 minnutes workshop! Join us for a unique moment to discover the incredible world of Japanese Sake.

For this 5th salon, we have offered a « carte blanche » to a young amazing Parisian chef whose name is Ryohei Kawasaki. He was awarded this year his first Michelin star! Bravo chef!

We also have devoted one of the workshops to France most popular mollusc : the Oyster ! A great way to show you that sake and oysters can be best friends.

« Influences » being 2018’s guideline, we also had to catch one !
So, the « Bistrot » revival will be it !
Classic cuisine or totally self-inspired, two ways, two visions, for the two other amazing workshops.

For each workshop, you will be proposed a selection of different sakes paired with « small dishes » according to its theme.

It will be also a great opportunity for you to meet famous Chefs, Sommeliers, Oenologists, Artisans and Saké makers from allover Japan.
All will come to share their knowledge and passion with one commun thought : « Find the perfect pairings ! »

One thing is sure, after attending to one of these workshops your vision of Japanese sake will be changed forever !

Participation : be 18 y.o. or more
As the workshops will start on time, please present yourself 10 minutes in advance.
All workshops will be held in French and led by Cyril Denis, food journalist.
As the workshops are all limited to 35 or 40 persons, and their price are from 25 to 35 euros. We advise you to book your place in advance on our web site www.salon-du-sake.fr