Salon du Saké 2022 – Editorial by Sylvain Huet 24 September 2022 – Posted in: 2022 press release

Salon du Saké 2022 – October 1st, 2dn & 3rd, 2022
The European Fair for Sake and Japanese Beverages
8th edition – Theme for this year:
From One “Terroir”to Another…

What brings us together

Sharing a drinking, some dishes, is a truly human experiment, that takes on a number of facets along various cultural expressions; yet, it is clear that, among the bonds that unite the Japanese and the European peoples, and particularly the French people, drinking and eating well is both skill and art, which is one of the top ranking priority, if not the first priority. It does not solely and simply amount of consumption: it is first of all a way to appreciate available products, which is closely and inherently to the very roots of the products. At a time where international trade of all sorts could impose some standardization, it is of utmost importance to fend off standardization and take interest in other experiences and discover their unique characteristics.

This is the reason why we have chosenfor this year the theme ”From One “Terroir” to Another”, as we felt that it was the best way to get together again following the devastating impact of the world wide pandemic. This theme aims at illustrating the interconnections among our two countries, our cultures and cultural and gastronomic empowerment triggered by meeting annually. The tasting workshops, conferences, Master classes and roundtables will be as many opportunities to find out parallel and cross sectional experiences and activities, inspiring creativity for everyone.

Nihonshu no Hi: Sake World Day

Odd of the calendar or a sign of a natural converging and culminating process? For the first time over eight years of Salon du Saké Paris events, our opening day falls on October 1, which is traditionally the Celebration Day of Sake in Japan called Nihonshu no Hi, the Day of the Sake, and which marks for most of the sake breweries the resumption of the seasonal production following the summer rice harvests. The worldwide success that this emblematic Japanese beverage is currently enjoying is now also making Celebration Day of Sake the World Sake Day!

This year World Sake Day will be honored by the presence of Mr. Miyake, Vice President of the Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association (JSS): He will preside, from Paris and live, the Official Kampai Ceremony, with Miss Saké 2022 and myself, your humble servant, standing by him. Throughout the day, we will stay connected in “worldvision and internet” mode to different parts in the world and celebrate multiple Kampais.

You are all invited to join us on this exceptional occasion to share your passion for Japan and the Japanese beverages: at noon to connect with the JSS headquarters and celebrate with Japanese brewers from all over Japan, at 1:00pm, for the WSD Global Kampai live feed with Hong Kong, Singapore and thousands of internet users and, finally, in the evening with the American continent.

Japanese producers returning in large numbers

This year, the return of Japanese producers in large numbers, after 2 years of absence, is a blessing and cause for real joy and comfort, and signals a number of nice discoveries, especially of novel “cuvées” of sake that will be exported from Japan and shown outside Japan for the first time.

There is no doubt that the 2022 Salon du Saké, people had been looking forward to for quite some time now, both by the informed professionals and by the general public, will bring back together market participants in large numbers, in a substantially much more conducive environment than last year. Let me salute here all the market participants who had suffered much from the pandemic but have taken up the challenge decisively and effectively!

Liveliness of the market

In 2021, French imports of saké from Japan accelerated, blowing out their previous records, to reach a total volume of 438.363 liters, a +65% increase from the 2019 level (the latest reference year prior to the pandemic). This exceptional dynamic performance is nothing but the acceleration of an underlying trend that started slowly in 2012/2013, and accelerated in last few years.

In less than 10 years, the total volume of sake exported from Japan to France rose by nearly 4 times and the corresponding value by nearly 5.5 times in Yen terms.

These numbers let us look into the future with confidence, with a market in strong expansion in 2021 (the European import market grew at the exceptional rate of +67%), and for the first time in 2021 France became the first country of Imports of Japanese beverages (+97%).

This performance let us anticipate another very good success with the upcoming, eighth “Salon du sake” European Fair for Sake and Japanese beverages, where you will be able to discover some 500 different sakés, umeshu and other liquors, beers, whiskies, rums, gins, and even teas or amazaké for tasting. Let’s do whatever we can to make it possible for the Japanese producers to find importers, distributors, customers to help reinforce the bonds that unite us “From One Terroir to Another”.

We wish all of you will enjoy a unique experience, tasting with moderation of course; and please plan and reserve today your visit to next year’s Salon du Saké that will take place on September 30th, October 1st and October 2nd, 2023.

Sylvain Huet
Saké Samurai
Founding President of the Salon du Saké